Viviscal Review – Can This Product Really Regrow Hair Fast?

Thinning hair can be an unsightly and embarrassing condition for many people. Even teens and young adults in their 20s may experience premature hair loss, so it’s not something that applies just to the middle aged.

Fortunately for people young and old, there are many treatments available to cure hair loss. One popular treatment that is making headlines is a product called Viviscal.

What is Viviscal?

Viviscal describes itself as the “World renowned, 100% drug-free supplement, aimed specifically at promoting existing hair growth when women are suffering temporary thinning hair.”

Viviscal states that there can be many causes of hair loss in women. These factors include but are not limited to:

  • Stress
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Over-styling
  • Poor Nutrition
  • Menopause
  • Post-pregnancy

Viviscal is formulated with the marine complex Aminomar, which helps to nourish thinning hair and promote regrowth. The active ingredient Aminomar is unique to Viviscal, along with zinc, vitamin c and horsetail extract.

It should be noted that the above statements from Viviscal have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration of America. The product is also not intended to specifically diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

How does Viviscal Work?

A typical treatment of Viviscal works in four stages over half a year, so users should not expect results right away. However, users should see an improvement on their hairline after 3-4 months.

  • Stage 1 (up to month 2): The treatment begins by providing needed vitamins and minerals to the follicles from within the hair
  • Stage 2 (months 2 & 3): Viviscal strengthens hair and promotes regrowth
  • Stage 3 (months 4 & 5): Increases the growth of hair where it has been slowed down or prevented. The new hairs will be similar to a baby’s; wispy and soft at first.
  • In the last month, hair typically looks like new: thicker, healthier and more vibrant than before.

About the Company

Viviscal was purchased by the company Lifes2Good in 2008. Since the takeover, it has continued to make strides as an effective product for hair loss. Viviscal is one of the products that is verified by studies and clinical test trials.

The product range has expanded since 2008 to include other beauty products, but the core focus of the business is still on remedies for hair loss. In addition to Viviscal Extra Strength, the flagship product, the company also offers a shampoo and conditioner designed to promote healthier hair.

How to Take Viviscal

Taken in a tablet form, Viviscal is 100% natural and free from negative side effects. The tablets should be taken twice per day, once in the morning and another dose in the evening. One package contains 60 tablets and should cover one’s needs for a month.

It is important to keep in mind that progress will vary from person to person. It has been reported that Viviscal works after only two months of taking the pill. While others have waited until six to months before they started seeing results.

Discounts are offered to users that intend on using Viviscal on a long-term basis or three to six months or more. It is recommended to reduce the one’s daily intake of Viviscal after six months. Users are recommended to only take one tablet to keep the engines running.

The treatment is often complemented by the shampoo and conditioner formula that Viviscal sells for best results. The conditioner moisturizes the scalp and creates a suitable outer environment for Viviscal to work from within. While the shampoo contains a gentle formula that has been specifically designed for users with thin or sensitive hair.

How Much Does Viviscal Cost?

The formula costs $99 as per the Viviscal website. The company also sells a scalp lotion for $20, but it does not contains the same ingredients that can be found in the pill form of Viviscal. The product can easily be purchased through the company website as as from leading retail outlets.

What Are People Saying About Viviscal?

While the claims and testimonials about Viviscal are impressive, the fantastical claims made by the company and their customers could cast the product into a skeptical light. Fortunately for consumers, Viviscal comes with an endorsement from the medical community.

Dr. Glenn Charles, a world renowned hair transplant surgeon, has publicly endorsed Viviscal. Dr. Charles has an established reputation for performing hair transplant surgeries and regularly receives praise from his patients.

Dr. Charles stated that he has never had any of his patients show negative effects after treatment. He describes Viviscal as a “natural supplement” that is able to provide a healthier scalp and hair. As part of the consultation he provides to his patients, he lets them know that that the product is not guaranteed to work. In spite of this, most of Dr. Charles patients reported improvement in their hairline after using Viviscal.

Not all feedback from the medical community was positive for Viviscal. One hair loss expert, Dr. Bill Rassman of Los Angeles, was skeptical of the photographs showing the results of patients that used Viviscal. His skepticism stemmed from the product’s lack of scientific evidence that Viviscal’s ingredients can regrow hair. Dr. Rassman expressed that if the photos were in fact true, the product would have taken over the market years ago.

It should noted that Viviscal does not claim to slow down, stop or reverse genetic male or female balding. The product only claims to reverse thinning hair due to stress, poor nutrition and other health related ailments. Men and women that are balding due to their genetics or other factors should consult with a doctor.

The Bottom Line – Is Viviscal Worth It?

There is a lot of evidence to suggest Viviscal could be a good choice for women that want to regrow their thinning hair. The treatment time is reasonable at roughly six months, but patients that used Viviscal have reported results in a little as two months.

Viviscal comes with a rare endorsement from a registered hair surgeon and is competitively priced.

The negatives to Viviscal is that the claims could be seen as simply too good to be true. There were reviews online that complained of the long treatment cycle, and the results they received were below their expectations.

It should be noted that the success or failure of any treatment or health-related product is largely determined by the user’s expectations and point of view. The above reviews should therefore not be taken at face value, and instead seen as possible outcomes to treatment with Viviscal.

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