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Biblical Belly Breakthrough
How is it so many Christians are overweight and fighting obesity when Verses in the Bible say EXACTLY how to eat? For believers, here's the answer!
What Would Jesus Eat Guide
Comprehensive Grocery Guide takes all guesswork out of food shopping and highlights the Low Fat Diet Deception about losing weight and burning fat.
Fat Burning Nutrients Report
For most, detoxification is the number one thing required to happen in order to start feeling healthy again. Learn simple lifestyle hacks to start detoxing.
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How Does Shepherd's Diet Work?

The Shepherd's Diet, also known as Biblical Belly Breakthrough, is a biblical weight loss program created by devoted follower of Christ Kristina Wilds. In this healthy fat loss diet program guided by the Bible's way and Kristina's research (who is also a Nutrition, Corrective Exercise, Childhood Obesity, and as a Cross Fit trainer), you will discover how to lose weight naturally using little-known methods listed in The Bible.

Inside you will learn the "Moses Fat Protocol" that will help you boost your metabolism using what The Bible calls "healing fats." Using the methods that Wilds teaches, you might also notice a boost to your energy, lower stress levels, and a happier mood overall. Some customers have even reported that their acne or skin issues have disappeared while following this program. Finally, The Shepherd's Diet strictly follows God's Word and The Bible, citing specific instructions that align with both faith and fitness goals.

*Some results have even been reported in the first week, although this depends on the individual and is not normal. All individual results will vary. Please keep in mind that The Shepherd's Diet and any of its affiliated material is not a miracle cure or overnight fix to weight loss or weight problems in any way, shape, or form.

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