Patriot Power Greens Review – Effective Green Powder Drink?

Patriot Power Greens Review

Patriot Power Greens is a proprietary blend of several fruits, green, leafy plants, and vegetables designed to provide maximum nutrition and improve overall health. The drink comes in powder form, making it easy to mix with water or another favorite juice.

patriot-power-greens-reviewsWhat Is Patriot Power Greens?

It combines 35 different ingredients, for a tasty and healthy drink any time of the day. Reviews of this product give it high ratings, such as 9 of 10 or one of the top three drink supplements. These features alone make the product worth considering, for anyone who wants a simple way to improve overall health and diet.

Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

Anti-inflammatory properties help reduce the inflammatory response in the body, to substances we are exposed to every day in diets, medications, or in the environment. The focus of this proprietary blend of plants, fruits, and vegetables, is on reducing inflammation. It is a nutrient-dense drink, that gives consumers a better choice than trying to get all the greens, fruits, and vegetables into their diets on a daily basis.

The mixture includes several types of berries and apple, to give it a pleasant taste. Berries have high antioxidant capabilities, which is why so many of them are included in the mix. Many of the ingredients listed are considered super foods, which means they provide powerful health or healing benefits, to most consumers who consume them on a regular basis.

Unique Ingredients

Some competitors use wheat grass in their blends. But, Patriot Power Greens doesn’t have any wheat grass, which can be irritating to some digestive systems. Chicory inulin is the unique ingredient, believed to cleanse the liver and kidneys. It is also loaded with fiber, which helps keep the digestive system regular and functioning at its best.

Improves digestion and gut health

This drink contains many plants known to improve digestion. It offers plenty of fiber, to maintain regularity. In addition, if provides a healthy dose of probiotics. It may not contain as much probiotic as a pill or over the counter powder. But, for many people, it is enough that they notice an improvement in digestive health. Most people can benefit from improved digestion, whether through increasing fiber intake or by supplementing with probiotic products. Patriot Power Greens does both.

For some consumers, it offers a chance to get everything they need to benefit digestive health, in one product. This is important for those who have a limited budget for healthy supplements or healthy drinks. Why spend money on two or three different products, when it can be obtained in one drink.

patriot-power-greens-reviewLower cost than many competitors

Cost is often a consideration, for those who want to supplement with a healthy drink. Each serving costs around $1.66, if a 30 day supply is purchased. However, if purchased in greater quantity, such as with 3 canisters, consumers can reduce that cost to roughly $1 per serving. Either way, the cost is much lower than any drink you can buy at a juice bar or at a local specialty store. For most people, this is very affordable. The various health benefits make it a cost effective purchase, to supplement the diet and help achieve better overall health. Buyers who purchase a three month supply can also receive two additional months free.

Organic ingredients

The blend of fruits, greens, and vegetables in the product include carrots, apples, several berries, kale, broccoli, kelp, seaweed, chicory inulin, and much more. What’s even better, is that all ingredients come from organic sources. The ingredients are all certified organic, not just a few.

This can be an important factor in selecting a healthy drink supplement. A product with all certified organic ingredients is much more appealing to many consumers, than a product with one or two organic ingredients. It may also be healthier, as the nutrients are more easily assimilated into the body. The high fiber ingredients also help the body assimilate many of the healthy nutrients.


Reviewers like the taste of this drink powder. This is important for several reasons. First, if users don’t like the taste, they will lack any incentive to continue improving their diet. They may put the product away in the back of the pantry, and forget about it. This does nothing to encourage eating for better health.

With the addition of apple, carrot, and berries, the drink has a pleasant taste, encouraging consumers to continue making the drink a part of a healthier lifestyle. Most people need all the encouragement they can get, as it can be difficult, if not impossible, to get all the necessary nutrients from a well-balanced diet.

All green juice drinkers are not the same. Some can’t tolerate the taste of typical products offered at juice bars or on store shelves. Patriot Power Greens gives them a better choice, that they are willing to consume on a regular or daily basis. Wheat grass and barley were left out of the blend on purpose, so users would want to drink the product mixed with water or juice, on a daily basis.

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