Patriot Health Alliance Review – Powerful Supplement Line?

Patriot Health Alliance Review

Patriot Health Alliance came about because a number of experts saw a need to supplement people’s diets with nutrients they were not getting from their normal diet.

The truth is that making sure that you consume enough minerals and nutrients from food alone is a task that is almost impossible to meet. There are two reasons that make it hard for a person to consume all the nutrients and minerals needed.

One reason is people do not have the time to keep up with this demanding diet; the other reason is that many fruits and vegetables simply do not contain enough nutrients or minerals.

This lack of nutrients occurs because fruit is not eaten fresh from the farm, which means it has lost some of its nutrients. Thankfully, the people behind Patriot Health Alliance created a line of supplements that are harvested from natural sources–at the peak of freshness; this means more nutrients for you.

patriot-power-greensWhat’s at the Core of Patriot Health Alliance?

The Patriot Health Alliance supplement line was formulated based on several studies and research. In fact, most of the people involved with the launch of this supplement line were health care professionals, like Dr. Lane Sebring. Sebring is a believer in preventative care and believes that diet plays an important role in health maintenance.

It should be noted that the supplement line does not contain gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, shellfish, egg, fish, tree nuts, GMO’s, barley, or peanuts. This means that it should be completely safe with any diet that you are on, like a gluten-free diet or a vegan diet. And it should also be noted that the team placed an importance on purity.

Barley and soy are usually filler ingredients in most supplements. Both of these ingredients are cheap and help make the supplement seem fuller. But the fact is that these ingredients are usually used to reduce the amount of important ingredients. You will not find unnecessary fillers in this line’s products.

What Makes the Patriot Health Alliance Supplements Different?

Everyone has different needs, which is why Patriot Health Alliance offers more than just one type of supplement. But what they have in common is they are full of powerful ingredients. Take, for example, the Patriot Power Green.

patriot-greens-cannisterOne of the most popular supplements sold by the Patriot Health Alliance is the Patriot Power Green, which comes to no surprise. For one, the Patriot Power Green contains 20 different fruits and vegetables.

It contains fruits like blueberries and goji berries. Blueberries potent antioxidant content has been shown to improve memory. Other experts noted that the phytonutrient content in blueberry helps prevent inflammation in the body, which could help those who suffer from arthritis. Goji berries contain a hefty amount of zeaxanthin, which could help strengthen eyesight. Goji berries have also been linked to a healthy production of sperm, as well as boosting the immune system.

The powder also contains vegetables, like Nori seaweed and spirulina algea.

Spirulina algea has been shown to contain high amounts of proteins and nutrients. Studies have shown that the immune system is reinforced with this type of vegetable. Other studies have shown spirulina algea to have some anticancer and anti-allergy properties.

Nori seaweed is a sea vegetable, which is very healthy for you. The truth is sea vegetables are rarely included in American cuisine, which should give you another incentive to try this supplement. But, if that was not enough, this particular vegetable has been shown to prevent cancer due to its content of porphyran. There is even some evidence that this type of seaweed may reduce allergies should you suffer from them.

Powerful Ingredients Contained in Patriot Power Greens

Another important ingredient in this powder are probiotics. Probiotics are nothing more than good bacteria. You might not know this, but the body consists of a certain number of bad and good bacteria. There needs to be a perfect balance between the two to ensure you stay healthy.

The problem is that most of our meals consist of ingredients that feed bad bacteria. This is something that the people behind Patriot Health Alliance understood, which is the reason they included probiotics. Our regular diet might include wheat or processed sugars. And most diets do not include natural probiotics from unpasteurized milk, fermented vegetables, fermented fruits, or fermented drinks.

A bacterial imbalance can increase your chances of sickness, digestive troubles, or you may develop fungal infections like candida if you allow bad bacteria to overpower probiotics.

But, thankfully, there are enough probiotics in the Patriot Power Greens supplement to satisfy your needs.

Hopefully you can see how carefully crafted each formulas is for this supplement line. There are other supplements available through Patriot Health Alliance that contain healthy ingredients that should make a difference in your life. There is the Ultimate Male supplement for men who may need to boost their testosterone levels. There is also the LoBP, which helps improve circulation. Life was meant to be lived happily and healthy, which are things that you can do with Patriot Health Alliance.

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