MiniFarm Grow Box – Can It Help You Grow Healthy Food?

With so many food product in the modern age utilizing raw products derived from GMO crops that have potentially damaging long term health effects, or pre processed foodstuffs that are saturated in synthetic preservatives and chemical ingredients, more and more people are turning to at-home food growing methods to ensure they are in control of the food they eat.

Finding space to grow your own food in smaller housing such as apartments and flats, however, can be difficult. One solution that has gained a huge surge in popularity recently has been mini grow boxes that use a variety of techniques to allow small homeowners and renters the same convenience of fresh, home grown vegetables without the associated floor space.

About Mini Farm Grow Box

The Food Rising Mini Farm Grow Box is a groundbreaking advancement in the small scale production of food in a self-reliant manner. Allowing users to grow their own food in the comfort of their own home without using electricity, soil and other necessities, the Mini Farm Grow Box revolutionizes the process of creating natural, organic, GMO free food. Consisting of a self-watering system that only needs to be tended to for a few seconds each day after the planting of seeds, the Mini Farm Grow Box comes with nearly everything you need to begin growing your own food except for water, seeds and sunlight.

Superior to traditional backyard farming, the Mini Farm Grow Box has no risk of being colonized by pests or weeds, and sits conveniently on top of any kitchen bench or side table, offering convenient access to your mini crop at any point. With a scalable structure, the Mini Farm Grow Box is modular and can be expanded by adding more grow boxes to the basic system, allowing users to create a home grow operation of any scale. By adding multiple grow boxes to the one system, only one power and water source is needed, meaning the potential energy and food cost savings increase with the amount of modular accessory boxes added to the system.

The Mini Farm Grow Box is incredibly easy to utilize and has no moving parts, such as pumps, riggings or engines which are difficult to maintain and expensive to service. Able to grow a huge spectrum of different plants, vegetables and herbs, the Mini Farm can provide enough vegetables for an entire family at a miniscule cost of just ten pennies per pound of produce, which scales with the size of the Mini Farm Grow Box operation. Scientific analysis of the vegetables produced by the Mini Farm Grow Box have been demonstrated to deliver over 500% more minerals, vitamins and nutrients than produce purchased in the grocery store or retail supermarket. Products purchased retail are often deep frozen and far less fresh than food grown at home, losing much of their nutritional content during the distribution process.

The modular nature of the Mini Farm Grow Box is supported by an Internet of Things compatible blueprint archive available from the Food Rising website. IoT blueprints can be read and printed by almost any desktop or commercial 3D printer, allowing users to become entirely self sufficient not only in the growing of their own food, but in the replacing of the mechanical parts of the grow box itself

Mini Farm Grow Box Design & Construction

The Mini Farm Grow Box is 100% non-electric, unlike other home food growing solutions available on the market. Consisting of only two parts, the Mini Farm Grow Box is made up of a float section which houses the growing medium of the food you’d like to grow at home, and a tubing adaptor, that delivers critical nutrients to the plants. Using only 5% of the water needed to create food through traditional agricultural methods, the Grow Box produces highly nutritious food with a higher mineral and vitamin density than any other method.

The Mini Farm Grow Box has been designed by an international team of leading agriculture and hydroponic experts, and is founded by Mike Adams, a nutritionist and health expert from Texas in the United States. Adams has worked in the field of atomic spectrometry for decades, and is a published and award winning journalist. Taking inspiration from Dr Hideo Imai, a board member of the Asian Vegetables Research and Development Center, and Dr. B. A. Kratky, a professor at the University of Hawaii, Adams has spent the last decade perfecting the prototype of the Mini Farm to deliver the most efficient in-home agriculture solution possible.

Mini Farm Grow Box Technology

The Mini Farm Grow box takes advantage of recent developments in non-circulating plant growth strategies to deliver a growth medium that delivers the optimal amount of nutrients to growing plants with no need for toxic pesticides, arduous weeding and transplanting, or growth promoting additives that leave unwanted pollutants in the food it grows.

Setting up the Mini Farm is simple- users first fill the grow box with nutrient-rich water, then place net pots with growing medium into holes within the precision cut grow box lid. Once seeds placed within the net pots begin to sprout, roots from the plants will begin to chase the lowering water level down into the interior of the grow bin. These roots remain suspended above the nutrient water and draw essential elements up into the growing medium, allowing the plant to grow without the need for soil or other contaminants. This process occurs entirely automatically, allowing users to simply “set and forget”, and watch as their home-grown crop develops in size. After a crop grown in the Mini Farm has been harvested, the entire Grow Box is quickly and easily disassembled, cleaned, and is ready for use again.

Mini Farm Grow Box Pricing & Availability

A basic Mini Farm Grow Box setup with a 9 hole lid is priced at just $99 USD, ready to begin growing delicious and nutritious food in your home. A small investment that delivers long term dividends, the Mini Farm Grow Box can grow fruits, vegetables and herbs, and keep your family self sufficient over the long run. If you’re looking for an easy to use and effective solution for growing your own food at home, the Mini Farm Grow Box is the best at-home agricultural package available on the market today.

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