Legendary Beard Company Review – Healthy Beard Growth Products?

Legendary Beard Co. Review

My tattoo artist is one of those guys who reminds you of a modern-day Marlon Brando. The ladies love him and the guys want to be him. He has a slicked back faux-hawk, thick rimmed hipster glasses and the best facial hair that I think I’ve ever seen on an actual person that wasn’t on television.

Every time I go in for a new piece, I find myself wondering how he grew such an impressive beard. Instead of just stare it like a freak, I decided to ask him how he managed to get it to look so thick and shiny. (I know. Kind of a creepy question to ask your tattoo artist… but that’s the way I roll.)

He gives me a weird look and then smiles while he touches up the dragon on my shoulder. Apparently, he got it from this place called Legendary Beard Co. which I admit was fitting since his beard was kind of legendary. However, I have to admit that I was a little skeptical when I learned that it was a supplement. Supplements have never been something that excited me – but you know what they say. If you keep trying to same things you’ll get the same results… so I ordered some of the products  and decided to give this stuff a go. What could it hurt?

legendary-beard-companyMy Package Arrives: Legendary Beard Co. First Impressions

My package from Legendary Beard Co. arrived safely and when I opened it, the bottle was cool and sleek – black with this kind of Spartan-like bearded dude on the front. It immediately reminded me of Game of Thrones which made me feel a little more badass.

I decided to wait until lunch to try the capsules. Vitamins sometimes make me feel nauseous so I am always careful to take supplements with food, however, these were super gentle. No stomach upset. So that was also a big perk. The next day I found that even taking it on an empty stomach – no adverse stomach troubles. That’s good news for us weak stomach dudes.

Great… But What’s Inside?

Vitamin B Complex is the main ingredient and B Complex has been known to help hair to grow in longer and stronger. If that sounds familiar to you, you may have noticed your girlfriend taking it when she’s trying to grow out a bad hair cut. You will also find Vitamins A, C and E as well as B5, B6 and some green coffee bean extracts. While this is not a complete list, these ingredients stood out most to me and I liked that I could recognize everything in the bottle.

I am a gym freak so I am always careful about what goes into my body. I do not like the thought of taking things that I cannot pronounce or that I do not recognize. That was not an issue with this supplement. I felt good taking it and knowing what was inside the bottle made taking it daily a non-issue.

First Things First: Results After One Week

You can never really expect full results in seven days so I was not expecting miracles but what I did notice what that my beard was definitely more shiny. That’s saying a lot for my beard. I am a ginger and red beards tend to come in a little dull, especially if your hair is more orange than red. So I really liked that. I appreciated that extra amount of shine and my girlfriend even noticed that it looked shinier.

She thought I had been using her shine serum… honestly, she was a little mad because she is one of those high maintenance chicks who pay an obscene amount of money on products that I think are extremely ridiculous… and if there is even a drop gone – she notices She was happy to know that was not the case.

30 Days Later: After One Month

Legendary-Beard-CoAs the weeks went on I began to notice my beard filling in inside this one spot on my face that has always been stubborn. That alone was a really big perk for me. I also noticed that the color in my beard was richer and my beard was fuller. It was growing at a rapid rate and because I wanted to grow a beard of a few inches… that was what I was looking for. There was certainly more hair on my face than before I started taking these Legendary Beard Co. supplements. I do not mean only in inch length but I mean in the amount of actual hairs on my face.

If you are looking for that beard that makes weird people like me stare at you in envy wondering “How’d he get a beard like that”… then Legendary Beard Co. just might work for you. I know it did something for me and I have committed to a second month of the product to see how much more of a benefit I could take from it.

I have changed my mind about beard supplements and now, seeing the results, it really does make more sense to change the way your hair grows from the inside out because that is where all the action happens anyway. So go ahead… give it a try… you just might become “that” guy who gets asked about his wicked-cool beard. I’m getting close to being him too.

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