Kinobody Review – Effective Fitness Systems For Better Physique?

Kinobody Review

Kinobody is a set of training guides and regimens that can help you achieve ultimate fitness with a little hard work and dedication to your new eating plan. This is our review.

kinobody-reviewsWhat Is Kinobody?

When you decide that it’s time to change your body, you may not know where to begin. Many doctors and fitness experts will tell you that the right nutrition lays down the groundwork for a healthy body, but the real work begins with exercise. Exercise is crucial to creating a healthy and strong body, since building up your muscle is what determines how your body processes food in the first place. Even if you don’t know where to begin with your fitness and eating routine, Kinobody has the keys to success.

Kinobody is a company that thrives on the ability to help you get a toned, muscular, or slim body through workouts and eating plans. Unlike other companies and guides that only focus on one body type, Kinobody has multiple fitness and nutrition plans to choose from, helping you to mold your body into whatever you want.

You are not restricted to the body type you currently have. An athletic figure can be transformed into a body builder, or an obese figure can become a trim and tone body. The only thing that is stopping you is that fact that you are still sitting on the couch or reading through a million websites that give you inaccurate information. If you want to find the right style for you, read about each of the different programs that are currently offered with Kinobody.

kinobody-testimonialsKinobody Programs

Before you begin any of the programs, you should consider purchasing the Kino Chef cookbook. Your fitness isn’t just a journey that involves exercise. For $19, you can gain access to 50 different recipes that help motivate your metabolism, while giving you the nutrition you need to bulk up.

All of the programs were created by Greg O’Gallagher, and they all have one goal in mind – helping you achieve the body that you’ve dreamt of your entire life.

Aggressive Fat Loss

The Aggressive Fat Loss program is designed to help consumers drop weight quickly. According to O’Gallagher, it doesn’t matter if you have 15lbs or 50lbs to drop – motivation and dedication to this regimen are the keys to helping you drop the weight.

Most people become discouraged in their weight loss plan because their results take so long to achieve. However, the Aggressive Fat Loss program helps you to drop the weight at a pace that is fast enough to remain motivated throughout the program.

O’Gallagher states that the problem with other weight loss programs is that they leave consumers without the energy, willpower, or attitude to keep going. Their restrictions are so extreme that many people feel overwhelmed before they even begin the process. You either have to restrict your carbohydrates to levels that deplete your hormones and performance, or you go too low in fat, which leaves you unsatisfied. This program allows you to eat the right amount of calories, without becoming fatigued or tired.

For $47, you gain access to information that allows you to have the following skill set that you need for fast weight loss:

  • Intermittent fasting, to trick your metabolism
  • Fruit snacking, to help with your energy levels
  • Meal “manipulation” which balances one big meal with smaller meals and fruits to help with your appetite

Essentially, this program retrains your body in the way that you retain muscle and eliminate fat. The program includes the right amount of cardio to keep you from becoming hungry after every routine. The plan curriculum for this program, and every other program, includes:

  • Start Introduction
  • Start Core Program Files
  • Start Bonuses
  • Start Workout Video A: Upper Body
  • Start Workout Video B: Lower Body
  • Start Workout Video C: Upper Body
  • Start Private Members Forum
  • Start Gear

This program, along with most of the other programs, are entirely consumer-driven, which means you can start and stop whenever you want.

Warrior Shredding

kinobody-fitness-programThe Warrior Shredding Program is designed to help you build lean muscle, but still achieving that shredded look. The course is available for $47, and the author of the program relates the look you can achieve to the way that Brad Pitt looked in Fight Club, or the way Ryan Reynolds looked in Blade: Trinity.

This is a look that makes you want to show off your muscle definition, but you cannot possibly achieve it while you still have the fat on your face, abdomen, and extremities. Many people want to pack on the bulk, but lean and defined muscle is the key to truly looking ripped.

When you have any excess of fat, you completely disturb the look of this body. With this training program, you are able to tackle that fat and reveal a muscular and defined body underneath.

There’s a few ways that this program works to achieve the physique you want. First, the program teaches you strength-training techniques that help to form your body into the proportions you need, showing off a square upper body with a lean midsection. This focus in your fitness routine is combined with an eating plan that helps you to steadily bring down your body fat percentage to show off your muscle tone.

This training program doesn’t require a big time investment like other regimens, since you only have to engage in your fitness routine three days of the week.

The main problem that many consumers have is getting down to the lean weight you need to be to expose this muscle. They spent their time dwindling down the amount of calories they allow themselves, and rely on intense cardio sessions. While they may abide by the rules that normal diets follow, the Warrior Training program can take you down to that 10% body fat or less.

The nutrition is based on intermittent fasting, which means you will go through periods of not eating and then going back to eating satisfying foods.

Greek God

The Greek God program is designed to help you build strong and functional muscle, while remaining fit and chiseled. The program is also priced at $47, and centers around one simple goal – “Build muscle, stay lean.”

Many people don’t know the way to truly get to the sculpted size they want. They don’t balance nutrition properly, which often leads to a bulky look, rather than a strong and powerful physique, like a Greek god. You need to achieve that V-shape with a sleek face and a square chest. However, so many men make the mistake of adding on their muscle bulk with a moderate amount of fat still on their body. That 20 pounds that you added to your figure is probably at least ten pounds of fat.

The two other things that most men do that hurt their chances are by exercising the wrong areas and exercising them way too often. The weight and muscle tone shows up on their legs and hips, but their chest doesn’t get the necessary attention it has to have for that square look.

The whole point of the Greek God program is centered on building muscle on a lean body, but proportioning it in a way that replicates that Herculean body. The class curriculum has the same types of programs and workout guides, but structured for the Greek God program. This means you get the three workout video routines, plus the bonus, the program files, and the gear you need.

Superhero Bulking

When you think about your favorite superheroes, you may decide that their physique is your ultimate goal, which is exactly what Superhero Bulking hopes to achieve. Available for $47, the maker of this program refers to this figure as the “final stage in the Kinobody Physique Development or the Kinobody Physique Class.” Basically, this program is to help you achieve a body like Chris Hemsworth in Thor or Chris Evans in Captain America, showing off a Hollywood body with amazing muscles.

The proportions of this body type are essential, since you will need to look like you can conquer the world in a superhero ensemble or a T-shirt with jeans. You want to aim for a small waist, big shoulders, a strong chest, and highly developed arms.

This program has the highest muscle size of all of the programs, which also means that you are going to need to put in more work. In order to achieve the look, you will have to religiously pursue all four phases.

The first phase focuses on the chest and back, which are the areas that need to bulk up and get clean and cut muscle definitions. You still have some focus on your shoulders, arms, and legs, but this phase is all about getting that chest that puffs out without having to flex at all. As you work out over the next two months, you will see that your expanding chest forces your shoulders to broaden accordingly.

The second phase is all about your shoulders, which aims to give you that rounded cap appearance for a masculine and victorious physique. Many guys are able to get shredded arms and legs, but that shape around your shoulders is what sets you apart. Even though this phase works on your shoulders, the third phase keeps bringing it all together for the total upper body regimen.

The last phase is about two more months, which helps you to pretty much fill in the muscle tone everywhere else.

The only thing you will notice with this program is that you don’t really focus on your legs that much, since they will draw the eye away from your broad and strong chest. Basically, you don’t give them much attention, because you naturally build up that muscle anyway. In terms of growth, this body will come after mastering the Greek God program, taking it to the next level.

The only way to achieve this body is by separating it into different phases. Tackling all of these areas at the same time can be overwhelming to your body, and you don’t get the contrast between your upper and lower body that you want.

You need to know that this program is not designed for the man who is still in the beginning stages of working out. You need to already have trained for at least three years, and you need to have the strength and persistence to endure the program without gaining fat. That type of commitment requires a lot of willpower and dedication.

The nutrition on this program is about both alternating high and low calorie days, while including intermittent fasting. Basically, you want to teach your body to burn that fat when you are fasting, and to boost your metabolism on high-calorie days.

Bodyweight Mastery

The Bodyweight Mastery Program focuses on using your own bodyweight as the source of resistance as you build up additional muscle. This program is the least expensive option for the Kinobody programs, as it only costs $39 for access.

Greg compares this program to watching the hero or the protagonist in a movie being strong and powerful. As the general public watches a movie, most of them do not understand how heavy and difficult it actually is to lift weights of 400lbs or more. For that reason, they demonstrate the actor using his own body to challenge his strength. A one-armed pull-up or a one-arm push-up has a much more dramatic effect than watching someone deadlift.

If you focus on increasing your repetitions in each of your workouts, you will become incredibly strong. That is just a fact. When you are just starting out, it’s easy to feel like you are weak compared to the other people working out, but challenging your own strength every week will help you build resistance. Once you reach that mastery level of your workout, you feel invincible. You won’t even need any heavy objects to show off – just drop down to the ground and show onlookers how many push-ups you can do with that one hand.

Most people who go to the gym are strong, but they are not the level of strength required to handle resisting their own weight. Most of the time, you will only find this type of strength and physique with gymnasts, which is a completely different ballgame.

To start attaining this body, you need to start with a lean figure. The program teaches you to slowly work up to the movements you need to do for the ultimate strength test. Additionally, the nutrition in this program is simple and effortless, helping you to maintain motivation and prevent discouragement.

Goddess Toning

Physical fitness isn’t just a men’s game. Women everywhere strive to be powerful and strong, showing off their hard work in the way that they can curl their bicep or flex their abs. However, the way that a woman needs to train her body is a bit different than the way a man needs to. The Goddess Toning program is meant to help women achieve a fit, toned, and feminine body for $47.

The main thing about this program is, there aren’t a whole lot of changes made from the men’s programs. It mostly came to be as the wives and girlfriends of participating members saw the progress of their men and wanted to achieve a fit body for themselves.

The results of this program revolve around leaning down, which means that you need to hit a calorie deficit that doesn’t discourage you from continuing the program. The other part of the program is getting stronger, which will show as your muscle tone increases.

Most women want to still appear feminine, rather than turning into this masculine body type with breasts. Most trainers don’t focus on the needs of a woman’s body; instead, they just train women to do what they know. If you ask a woman what she wants to achieve, the answer is usually the same – a feminine figure that has slim thighs, a perky bottom, and lean muscle toning.

Men’s programs focus a lot on continually building muscle, which just won’t work for a woman’s regimen. They don’t want their jeans to be tighter because of muscle tone; they want to go buy a jean size that is smaller. That’s exactly what the Greek Goddess program does.

The whole point is to get “just enough” bulk. That basically means helping to tone your arms without flabby fat, and working out your glutes enough to boost your bottom. The whole process should be enjoyable and achievable, which is exactly what Greg conveys.

Another difference for women is the way that Greg shows them how to fast. He educates them on the way to skip breakfast, increase the way your body uses fat, and bring your meals down to two meals. By following the simple rules needed, you can slim down, which helps to show off your muscle tone.

Most women’s diets involve having you eat small, low-calorie meals throughout the day. The main reason this fails is that it leaves women so hungry. Naturally, a hungry woman is not a woman who wants to work out or diet. A hungry woman will probably make her way right back to the snack cupboard to satisfy her appetite.

If you pay attention to the way the Goddess program is setup, there is little effort truly required. The program curriculum is a little different than the other programs. With this program, you receive access to:

  • Start Core Program Files
  • Start Bonuses
  • Start Goddess Workout Demonstrations (2:45)
  • Start Private Member’s Forum

Cardio Abs Mobility

The whole point of the Cardio Abs Mobility program is to speed up the way that you are able to get the fast results you want. Most of the other programs center on three workouts a week and enduring the programs as long as you want. However, this $49 program, is meant to push your fat loss to the next level. By focusing on your cardio and abs, you are able to build a strong core, which is really the center of all of these issues.

The reason that most of the programs don’t include a lot of cardio is because it burns a lot of calories, which means you are hungrier and have a bigger appetite. With a big appetite, it’s hard to stick with any diet, because all you want to do is eat and eat until you’re satisfied. This physiological response isn’t the problem; the problem is that you don’t compensate properly for the additional activity.

This program is meant to be used with or without the other programs, but it doesn’t interfere with your success in any of them. Greg developed this program as a way to prevent the increase of hunger, which can cause fatigue. Additionally, the exercises in this program are safe enough to prevent adding “back pain” to the list of issues you need to fix about your body.

Greg recommends using this program as a way to keep you from getting bored with your current workout. If you see that your midsection isn’t as tight as it used to be, use this workout in your regimen for a few days or weeks to significantly improve the state of your abs.

This is super solid stuff if you’re looking to ramp up your results on your OFF days. It’s perfect if you want to work out a little bit more, you want to experience a little faster rate of fat loss, you want to develop awesome abs and that sort of thing.

Kinobody Merchandise/Apparel

If you want to show off the way that you achieved this muscular and fit body, then Kino Body has different clothing items available for purchase. The Kinobody Belt will soon be released, so you can pre-order it now for $49.95.

You can also get a Kino Body T-Shirt for $22.95 or a tank top for $20.95. There are no size options available.

Contacting Kinobody

Though you have access to the program forums, you may still have questions about the programs, since it’s normal to not know where to begin. Fill out the online form with your inquiry, and a customer service representative will email your response.


Most men and women become overwhelmed when they try to achieve their idea of a perfect body, because it seems so unattainable. Kino Body is all about making those dreams into a reality, which can only happen with hard work and willpower. Every single program is under $50, making it affordable for virtually any budget. If you are serious about getting in shape and transforming your life, then you are ready for Kinobody.

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