Food4Patriots Review – Durable Emergency Survival Food Kits?

Food4Patriots Review

Between instability in the Middle East, extreme and unpredictable weather events, and tyrannical governments worldwide, it can be smart to secure emergency provisions before the inevitable run starts. You need three things in an emergency. Adequate shelter protects you from the elements and any violence. Adequate water is essential to avoid dehydration and maintain proper hygiene. Adequate nutrition is an often forgotten piece of the puzzle, but is required to maintain the strength needed to survive a catastrophe.

This third requirement is where Food4Patriots comes in. Food4Patriots provides high quality, nutritious survival food kits guaranteed to get you through any crisis, whether it is an act of God or man made. Food4Patriots is not the only provider of such kits. In fact, there are literally hundreds. Food4Patriots stands out from its competition in a variety of ways, however, so you should go to them first.

Food4PatriotsWhat Is Food4Patriots?

Food4Patriots is an American company based in Nashville, Tennessee, so you are not buying foreign crap when you order from them. Food4Patriots incorporates brand names that you know and trust. Sample components in a Food4Patriots survival food kit include Blue Ribbon Chicken Cheesy Rice, Lumberjack Vegetable Beef Stew, Independence Hall Chicken Noodle Soup, and Heartland’s Best Mashed Potatoes.

Staples such as powdered milk and oatmeal are also included. All of these items are easy to prepare, perfect for the unpredictable atmosphere in a time of crisis. They are also stored in compact packaging, allowing you to store a lot of nutrition in a tiny space. This is essential for any bunker, where space is often at a premium.

Food4Patriots uses only the highest quality ingredients, and never uses GMO or chemically altered food. The latter point is critical, as genetically altered garbage chemically frozen to preserve its “freshness” is extremely common in the survival food industry today. Not at Food4Patriots. Food4Patriots food is preserved using a low heat dehydration method that preserves not only the food’s nutritional value, but its taste as well. The compact packaging is made out of Mylar, a substance that also helps preserve its contents. Survival food does not need to be a chemistry set that tastes like chalk!

Survival Kids

food4patriots-reviewsIndividuals have different survival food needs. A family of four needs more than one individual. Food4Patriots answers this varied level of demand by offering a variety of purchasing options. These include a one week food supply with 16 servings, a four week food supply with 104 servings, and a four month food supply with 356 servings. The budget conscious should note that the larger kits are cheaper per day, but Food4Patriots caters to every patriot’s needs, large and small.

You may be thinking about how long the food lasts. Perhaps you need to wait until catastrophe looms closer before making your survival food purchase. You do not. Food4Patriots offers two guarantees on all of its products.

First, if you are unsatisfied with your product within 60 days, Food4Patriots will give you a complete refund, no questions asked. Second, if any of your survival food goes bad within 25 years (!) of the purchase date, Food4Patriots will refund triple your money. Yes, you turn a profit on the transaction. None of Food4Patriots’ competitors come close to offering the same guarantee.

The food is the most important component of any Food4Patriots order, but it is not the only one. The company is dedicated to helping individuals smart enough to prepare beforehand survive any catastrophe, and includes a number of extras with every order to this end. First, four eBooks are provided. The first, Top 10 Items Sold Out After Crisis, offers an illuminating look at what preppers need to hoard now to have in a time of crisis. The second, The Water Survival Guide, discusses how to locate, store, and reach sources of water in a time of emergency.

Number three is titled The Survival Garden Guide, and explains how to garden inside and out. In addition, it instructs how to freeze and can the fruits of your labors, ensuring a stable food supply come what may. Finally, How to Cut Your Grocery Bills In Half explains how to save money at the grocery store, ensuring you have the budget to purchase everything needed in the event of a disaster. A bonus survival tool and seed vault also accompany every order.

Food4Patriots Final Thoughts

If you think you do not need survival food kits, think again! The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, inquired about the ability of one Mr. Frank Bates to produce and supply survival food kits. Bates had been producing food kits for himself and a limited number of family and friends, but FEMA’s interest in him was alarming. FEMA’s only job is to assist people in a time of crisis, and their plan was to leech off of one private individual and (presumably) others like him. Worse, they planned to redistribute Bates’ survival assets, potentially leaving him with nothing. Bates declined the government agency’s overtures, and instead made it his mission to provide all preppers with high quality food by founding Food4Patriots.

Food4Patriots is the industry leader in survival food kits, and for good reason. They use only the highest quality ingredients, never use chemicals or other harmful substances to preserve them, and package them with easy storage in mind. If you want peace of mind, you need high quality survival food. That is exactly what Food4Patriots offers.

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