Flat Belly Overnight – Andrew Raposo’s Weight Loss Program?

There is no shortage of people who are interested in losing a few pounds or more. In response to this, there is now a wealth of products that claim to do just that. However, not every product on the market is created equal, and this is especially true for digital products sold by unknown authors.

Flat Belly Overnight will please some shoppers, as is it reportedly backed by scientific research and has numerous testimonials. The credibility of the product comes from a case study in 2007 that reportedly highlights the numerous health benefits to the user.

As the title suggest, the Flat Belly Overnight claims to reduce the visible mass of body weight on the user, and is produced by the fitness expert Andrew Raposo.

What Is Flat Belly Overnight?

As mentioned previously, Flat Belly Overnight is system designed to reduce the amount of fat on one’s stomach. Andrew Raposo, a known figure in the fitness industry, launched this product in the form of three online training programs. Customers of his system report that they received flatter, tighter and more toned stomachs after following its directions.

Andrew states that, “Flat belly overnight not only helps people reduce their existing weight, but it also gets the overall body into shape as people quickly see results. My customers will receive results without needing to purchase a gym membership, or by working out like a manic or through wasting money in one of those sketchy diet plans. My product is focused on one trick to get rid of obesity in about one week.”

The claims that Andrew Roposo makes are apparently backed by his certification as a Personal Trainer and Strength coach based out of Toronto, Canada.

What Is Included?

The package includes two ebooks, a template that one can use to keep track of their progress, a detox formula as well as the video course. The technique program was designed for people to see results of the system overnight. The product claims that after one week of using the program, people will get the complete body in toned and slimmer shape.

One of the ebooks contains information about the types of food that are considered the best in reducing belly fat. Inside, it contains a list of foods that useful in treating obesity, as well as a list of ingredients that one should avoid at all costs. As a convenience to his readers, Raposo has also included a list of alterations to the above ingredients so that one does not need to compromise their diets.

The template that comes with the package reportedly contains the easiest yet most effective exercises that only take three minutes to perform. With the exercises, one can get the equivalent of going to a gym, but with much faster results.

The detox formula will be a welcome addition to the package for some people. It describes at length the benefits of certain and herbs and spices that are known for reducing body fat. The detox book lists recipes that will be helpful to drain out one’s fat in a matter of days. In contrast to traditional detox recipes that cause inflammation in the gut flora of the body, the detox formula provides assistance to the body using herbs and spices that are easily purchased at any grocery store.

Perhaps the biggest selling point of the package is the the 3 minute video that contains belly flattening sequences. The sequences are a series of exercises that are reportedly gentle and easy to do at home, quickly in the morning or before one goes to sleep. The movements are both gentle and very effective in eliminating belly fat, thus tightening the skin of the stomach. The video and the workout plan go together for one to attain faster results.

What Are People Saying About Flat Belly Overnight?

There are many contentious opinions about Flat Belly Overnight that can be read online. While the general tone of many of the reviews is positive, there is enough criticism directed towards the product and author to raise suspicion.

Starting with the positives of the system, the testimonials on the Flat Belly Overnight website are glowing with praise for the company. It reportedly helped cure one woman of depression that was close to ending her life. The woman had severe body-image issues and the product was bought for her by her brother. After a few short weeks the woman reportedly was full of renewed energy and self-respect.

The negative reviews can mostly be found on third-party websites that also review a multitude of other products. The product frequently received 2 out of 5 star or 4 out of 10 star ratings, with the majority of reviewers expressing disappointment with their results..

It should be noted that the system is in fact not sold as a magic pill that is guaranteed to work without one putting any effort into losing weight. Although that may sound appealing, it is simply not a realistic expectation. Additionally, the system makes no success claims at all about the effectiveness in the product, as per the product’s disclosure statement that is clearly displayed on the website. It is then difficult to take the reviews, both positive and negative, at face value.

The Bottom Line – Is Flat Belly Overnight Recommended?

When used as a supplement, Flat Belly Overnight delivers on the promises made in its sales copy. The author states repeatedly through the advertisement, as well as in the actual product itself, that the goal of losing weight necessitates one to have both dedication and a strategy that will lead to success.

The perceived success or failure of a given product is largely predetermined by one’s expectations and point of view. If someone loses ten pounds it may be considered to be a great success, while another person may ponder why they bothered purchasing the system at all. This is why the product comes with a 60 day money back guarantee period, not because that the product doesn’t work, but because people often lack the willpower to follow through on their plans and goals.

In conclusion, if one takes Flat Belly Overnight for what it is: a complimentary product to an existing health and exercise regimen, then there is little room for one to become disillusioned with the product. It satisfies the key requirements it gives on the product page: that is a fast and effective way for someone to lose weight quickly from the comfort of their homes.

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