Cellmaxa – Is Solvaderm’s Cellulite Treatment Cream Any Good?

With summer in full swing, it’s more important than ever for people to be ready for the beach and pool parties that are just around the corner. Plus, with the weather getting warmer and warmer by the day, the desire to wear shorts, skirts, and anything that provides a little comfort in this heat is growing daily. Unfortunately, for many people, wearing these slightly more revealing options are extremely terrifying, and slightly embarrassing.

Cellulite is something that many people talk about, but very few know what to do to combat it. Women across the world are often confronted with cellulite suddenly, realizing one morning that skin that used to be perfectly smooth and soft is now riddled with bumps and lines that are both embarrassing and unsightly. The problem with cellulite is that it can happen for a variety of reasons, from gaining weight to losing weight, making it something that will inevitably happen for women everywhere.

Unfortunately, for many women, dealing with cellulite isn’t even a consideration. Either they aren’t aware of the options for treating the problem, or the options they are aware of are way too expensive an option for them. Due to this lack of information, many women just decide to live with their cellulite, trying to hide it as much as possible and struggling with embarrassment when it can’t be hidden.

Cellmaxa was created as an effective, inexpensive option for those who want to get rid of their unsightly cellulite. For women who have been avoiding showing off their arms and thighs, having an option like Cellmaxa, which is able to reverse cellulite, isn’t just amazing, it’s completely life changing.

What is Cellmaxa?

Created and manufactured by Solvaderm, Cellmaxa is an easy to use complex which combines a dual blend formula to reduce signs of cellulite on the body. Cellmaxa was formulated specifically for offering relief to those who are tired of the dimples and bulges caused by cellulite on their bodies. Using clinically proven complexes, Cellmaxa is able to completely banish cellulite, while also working to prevent future cellulite from forming.

Cellmaxa was designed and created to be specifically used on areas of the body that most commonly suffer from cellulite, like the thighs, arms, and hips. Because Cellmaxa was designed for these parts of the body, it was created to be very easy to apply, so users don’t have to struggle with application and the greasy, annoying remnants that are so common with other cellulite fighting options. This easy convenience has made Cellmaxa one of the preferred options for those who are ready to get back into their shorts and swimsuits this summer season.

While many products make claims at being able to reduce signs of cellulite, Cellmaxa is one of the only products that has been clinically proven to be able to offer real results. And, Cellmaxa isn’t about reducing the appearance, it’s about completely banishing cellulite, making it a thing of the past for those who suffered with it for longer than wanted. Cellmaxa works by penetrating the dermis and sinking into the lower layers of skin to shrink the fat cells beneath the surface of the skin. Using this process, Cellmaxa is able to alter and even out the surface of the skin, giving it a young, smooth, and rejuvenated appearance.

Shrinking the fat cells beneath the surface of the skin is extremely important, which is why this is the number one prerogative of Cellmaxa. However, the cream doesn’t stop working there. As Cellmaxa begins to even out the surface of the skin, it also nourishes and softens the skin. Cellmaxa contains conditioning compounds that are able to provide the skin with the moisture the skin needs to protect itself from future cellulite damage. Cellmaxa, through the use of this conditioning proess, is able to plump up the skin where it is used, which provides a more even tone and texture, so even the deepest pockets of cellulite are revitalized and made to look like new.

Benefits of Cellmaxa

For those who have struggled with cellulite for any amount of time, the benefit of having smooth, youthful skin is often benefit enough for them. However, while Cellmaxa is able to provide users with this amazing benefit, there are many other amazing things that the cream is able to do.

The powering force behind all the benefits provided by Cellmaxa can be found in the compounds used in its blends. These compounds, all perfectly blended to get the best benefits possible, have bene proven to burn fat and nourish the skin, providing the skin with everything it needs to become cellulite-free, smooth, and perfect. Because this blend of compounds is so concentrated, the benefits of Cellmaxa are able to be seen faster and more obviously than other cellulite fighting options available on the market today.

The benefits of Cellmaxa are listed below.

  •  Shrinks and Reduces Fat Cells
  •  Prevents Irregular, Pitted, or Dimpled Appearances
  •  Stimulates the Breakdown of Fat
  •  Removes Fat beneath the Dermis
  •  Minimizes the Size and Severity of Cellulite
  •  Transforms Cellulite Deposits in Problem Areas
  •  Prevents Fat Cell Synthesis
  •  Stops Fat Storage
  •  Prevents Development of New Cellulite Deposits
  •  Delivers Conditioning Benefits to the Dermis
  •  Seals in Moisture to the Skin
  •  Softens and Plumps the Skin
  •  Evens out Skin Texture

And all these amazing benefits that come with Cellmaxa have been proven over and over again in clinical studies and research.

How Cellmaxa Works

One of the worst things about the average cellulite treatment options on the market today is that these treatments are often extremely difficult to apply. And, even once they’ve been rubbed in thoroughly, they leave behind a greasy substance that seems to suffocate the skin. With Cellmaxa, not only is it able to promise actual results, but it is extremely easy to apply and doesn’t leave any unwanted residue on the skin.

Cellmaxa works by being gently massaged into the skin. There are two different motions available for applying Cellmaxa, a circular motion and a linear motion. Cellmaxa has specific motions for each area of the body, so it’s important for users to follow these methods carefully. Below is the different motions used for each part of the body Cellmaxa can be used on.

  • Arms – Circular and Linear Motion
  • Buttocks – Circular Motion
  • Thighs – Circular and Linear Motion
  • Hips – Circular Motion
  • Stomach – Circular Motion

In addition to using the specific motions listed above, users of Cellmaxa should try to use the cream at least twice a day. For those who are serious about combating their cellulite issues, it’s recommended the cream massaged into the skin regularly, but specifically every morning and evening.

Purchasing Cellmaxa

As mentioned above, Cellmaxa is available for sale through Solvaderm, one of the leading manufacturer in skin care products today. For those who are interested in purchasing Cellmaxa, they should visit the Solvaderm website ( to find the product.

Cellmaxa is only available for purchase in one size, 8 ounces or 240 milliliters. Because a little bit of Cellmaxa can go a long way, this amount is more than enough to give users several weeks’ worth of the product.

The price for one 8oz bottle of Cellmaxa is $44.95. Solvaderm offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more.

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