Are There Real Shortcuts to Six Pack Abs After 40?

The Ripped Grandpa seems to think so…

The 90-day, 3-phase, all-in-one nutritional system and workout program Abs After 40 is the fastest growing fitness program in 2016 and designed by well-publicized trainer, Mark Mcilyar. He’s a respect your elders type of health guru and possesses thorough knowledge regarding vital health secrets (as least if you consider the condition in which he is currently in).

As the name suggests, this program is designed for men who’re 40 years of age or older and need to reshape their bodies with a proper exercise regime that suits their age. It is notable to mention that the Six Pack Abs After 40 is not limited to only men or people who are over 40 years old – many of these sample principles can be used for any age bracket or gender for that matter. Compound exercises with sound nutritional advice and guidance can go a long way into sparking your fitness journey and aspirations.

The fitness expert suggests that this program is especially designed for men with wrinkled and sagging bodies. This is because Abs after 40 potentiates the natural phenomena of fat metabolism, maintains the hormonal balance, and builds muscles to develop a masculine physique.


Why Normal Workouts Are Ineffective For Aging Men?

The normal workout regimes which work perfectly for younger males are not effective for muscle buildup or weight reduction in men who’re 40 years of age or older. This is because these usual workouts are not designed to support or boost the deteriorating hormonal system of aging men. Without a proper boost up of important hormones like testosterone, the physical workouts lose their impact on the body.

Secondly, these normal workouts are excessively straining for the aged muscles and joints. Those men, who tend to continue these high-impact workouts like cardio, suffer from frequent back injuries and muscle tears. These tears and injuries heal easily in younger men as their natural joint and muscle recovery system works faster. However, in case of older men, these injuries, tears, and muscle pulls can take weeks or even months to recover which makes a person either bedridden or completely incapable to continue the exercise program.

Another factor that makes these programs less effective for older men is the length of the exercise sessions. Most of these sessions are at least one hour long. Long periods of strenuous activity further deteriorate the weakened muscles and declining hormones.

Phases of Abs after 40 System

Abs after 40 consists of 3 phases. This way, the aging body can gradually adapt to the exercise regime and a person can
optimize the muscle-building hormonal levels.


Phase 1 (Fat Loss)

This phase majorly focuses on the loss of belly fat which is the major reason of hormonal imbalance in the body. The male hormone testosterone works to support the normal lipid metabolism which causes breakdown and elimination of unwanted fat from the body [1]. However, excessive belly fat hinders the production of testosterone due to which the process of fat metabolism declines.

This leads to the accumulation of bad cholesterol in the body which makes a person obese and paves way for a number of cardiovascular disorders. Therefore, the first phase of Abs after 40 focuses on light exercises and customized dietary schedule to cause significant reduction in belly fat. This activity potentiates the production of testosterone which in turn increases the lipid metabolism in the body.

Phase 2 (Male Hormone Optimization)

Once you’ve gotten rid of the unwanted body fat, the exercise regime will now focus on supporting your muscular growth and optimizing the production of your male hormones. In this phase, the workouts are structured with compound movements which target the bulk muscles and balance your hormonal system. At the end of this phase, you’ll be able to enjoy bulk muscle growth, boosted libido, and flexible joint movements. Also, your hormonal levels will be completely optimized by the end of this phase [2].

At this point, you can easily observe a dramatic transformation in your body. However, the one thing which will be missing is well-defined six pack abs.

Phase (Auto Fat-Burning Mode)

Phase 3 focuses on achieving the goal of complete six-pack abs. in this phase, the workouts will intensify and they’ll incorporate a highly effective abs training which is called the A40s. A40s is the combination of four most impactful abs exercises which not only target the outermost layer of the abs muscles, but also hit the integral muscular lining simultaneously.

There are many benefits of the A40s program. Firstly, each single session of A40s is equivalent to nine different abs exercises. This makes it a highly effective workout in an extremely short time period. Moreover, this training targets core muscle groups which further intensifies the muscle-building process and fat metabolism in an individual.

At the end of this session, perfectly carved six-pack abs will be easily visible. Phase 3 also includes a few intense compound exercises in order to allow continual growth of the body.

Abs after 40 also includes a nutritional plan which carries all the information regarding the food and dietary patterns to
follow in order to sustain the results. The meal plan details what a person should eat and at what time each day. People are also provided with easy recipes of food items which are usually cooked in less than an hour.

It should be taken into notice that this workout regime is designed for men who’re 40 years of age or older. Therefore, it includes light, low-impact exercises which don’t take a toll on the somewhat weakened and stiff joints and muscles of older men. These exercises won’t be that effective in younger men who’re in their 20s or early 30s. Such men should continue with the normal workout regimes.

All the exercises of Abs after 40 can be easily performed at home with free weights. Hence, this workout regime also suits busy men who don’t have time to hit the gym or those people who can’t afford expensive gym memberships.

What Can We Conclude?

On the basis of the above-mentioned facts, it can be concluded that Abs after 40 is surely an effective workout regime for older men who’re aiming to achieve a leaner, healthier body and weight reduction. However, it’s still recommended to start this workout regime after proper consultation with a registered medical practitioner and fitness trainer, especially if you’re suffering from any chronic illness like diabetes, hypertension, or any cardiovascular disease, in order to ensure maximum safety.

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